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Reports & guides | 8 November 2016

Climate Visuals for COP22 and beyond

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Featured in a Carbon Brief guest post during COP22: “The power of images to shape climate change perceptions”

Analysis of COP21 imagery

Comparison of COP21 and COP22 imagery

Have you noticed that the images coming from COPs overwhelmingly portray anonymous negotiators inside the conference and stage-managed demonstrations outside?

Our COP imagery resources provide guidance on how to tell more compelling visual stories about climate change at these blockbuster events dedicated to the global problem of climate change.

Our first report, published in December 2015, contains an analysis of the key visual themes from COP21 as well as recommendations for future COPs. It was accompanied by a Climate Visuals COP image gallery and formed the basis of a workshop with climate change communicators at COP22.

The second report, released in January 2017, compares imagery at COP21 and COP22. It provides the opportunity to identify shifts in the imagery being used, and offers further recommendations.

In November 2017 we also released a new Climate Visuals image gallery, “Gender and Climate Change”, to coincide with Gender Day at COP23.

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