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Reports & guides | 27 November 2018

Climate change communication in practice: how are we engaging the UK public on climate change?

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What should the aim of engagement on climate change be? What principles should underpin the way it is carried out? What do climate communication practitioners agree on and disagree on?

This report acts as a barometer for the current state of UK climate engagement and provides best practice recommendations.

Part of our collaboration on The Climate Communication Project and funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), it brings together the key findings from a survey of 178 climate communicators and a one day ‘expert elicitation’ workshop.

In particular, the report explores what climate communication practitioners agree on and disagree on.

Videos & podcasts


“How can you talk about climate change without getting angry? Or without getting upset? It’s just not possible.” Scientist and science communicator, Dr Sam Illingworth, on scientists being allowed to have emotions.

Listen to science communicator and poet Sam Illingworth, one of the report’s authors, share key insights and recommendations from the report.

Sam Illingworth on how to communicate the science of climate change

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