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Reports & guides | 6 February 2017

Public engagement with climate change post-Brexit – a centre-right perspective

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To accompany this year’s UK Climate Coalition Show the Love campaign, which we helped shape, we’ve created a new practical guide

Public engagement with climate change post-Brexit: a centre-right perspective, in collaboration with the Climate Coalition.

Many climate campaigners and communicators consistently state that they struggle to have conversations with people of centre-right values – in response, our new guide offers key recommendations for language to use and avoid, based on 11 core values and principles that centre-right audiences hold dear.

Accompanying this new practical guide is a peer-reviewed study, in collaboration with the University of Cardiff, which pinpoints climate language that appeals across the political spectrum. The press release highlights that the study revealed two narratives about climate change that elicited broad agreement across the political spectrum and reduced skepticism amongst centre-right participants: a focus on avoiding waste as a critical part of saving energy, and patriotic support for the UK’s flourishing low-carbon energy technologies. In contrast, ‘climate justice,’ which is a compelling narrative for many on the centre-left, does not resonate well with the centre-right.

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