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Reports & guides | 15 March 2016

Communicating effectively with the centre-right about household energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies

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With continuing political polarisation around climate change and energy issues, there is an urgent need to reflect the views of centre-right citizens accurately and build communications around their values.

There is no inherent reason why climate change and the centre-right should be incompatible. However, there has long been a vacuum where a coherent and compelling conservative narrative on climate change should be.

This report presents the findings of the first rigorous social research in Britain to explore how centre-right citizens engage with different language and framing on energy and climate change, building on previous reports in our centre-right programme. It is based on narrative workshops with communities in both urban and rural locations, interviews with key stakeholders (including Lord Deben, Ben Goldsmith and Simon Roberts) and a literature review.

Download the report to see our “communications do’s and don’ts” as well as an analysis of 4 key narratives:

– Avoiding waste is common sense (the most popular narrative)
– Health and quality of life (mixed response)
– Great British Energy (mixed response)
– The Smart Money (the least favoured narrative)

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