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Reports & guides | 12 November 2015

Are we engaged? UN climate talks and the UK public

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This new report presents key insight from the only social research in the UK focused specifically on public engagement with the UN negotiations – in Paris and beyond.

We believe public engagement is vital to underpinning an effective international deal, but that very little attention has been given to how this can be achieved.

Our report offers new recommendations for capitalising on the public’s desire to see the talks succeed, which remains a key untapped resource in the negotiations.

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At our sold-out launch event in London on 12 November, we shared our key findings from the only social science research into the attitudes of the UK public ahead of the UN climate summit.

This was followed by a panel discussion with Professor Chris Rapley, Ruth Davis and Dr Candice Howarth chaired by our founder George Marshall.

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Are we engaged? UN climate talks and the UK public

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