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Reports & guides | 13 March 2015

A campaigners guide to talking with centre-right politicians and MEPs

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This practical guide provides narratives and advice for those working specifically with centre-right Members of Parliament (MEPS), especially campaigners and lobbyists.

It is based on research by Climate Outreach in late 2014 with MEPs and those who work with them and supplements the main report “Starting a New Conversation on Climate Change with the European Centre-Right” which  contains general recommendations for language and narratives that can be applied to all centre-right audiences at the European level.

Update: read our latest guide from this programme, Communicating energy with the centre-right.

As with the main report, it must be stressed that none of these proposals have yet been formally evaluated or tested. Truly effective communications need to be thoroughly tested before being implemented. However, they have been carefully developed through desk research and an analysis of the language used by centre-right MEPs and we are confident they can be used as guidelines if applied carefully and adapted as needed.

The report builds on Climate Outreach’s previous influential work engaging centre-right audiences in the UK .

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