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Reports & guides | 2 December 2020

التواصل في قضية التغير المناخي في تونس

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Much of the climate communication work conducted around the world takes places in a narrow set of western countries, and this is the first time in-depth climate change communications research has been undertaken in Tunisia.

These Arabic resources, produced with our local partners Earth Hour Tunisia, Climate Action Network Arab World and Climate Action Network International, and with the support of the KR Foundation, provide guidance on what language works – and doesn’t work – for talking climate in Tunisia.

In addition to the downloadable guide, we’re delighted to share the accompanying animated video and infographic below, produced by our local partners.

All these resources are also available in English.

Tunisia has done little to cause climate change compared to richer countries, but it is already feeling its impacts through record temperatures, drought, flooding and water scarcity. The country held its second peaceful and democratic presidential election in late 2019, but climate change barely featured in the debate. The citizens of Tunisia have very little chance to demand action, and a meaningful national conversation about climate change is morally, politically and economically necessary.

Our evidence-based practical guidance for communicating climate in Tunisia effectively is the result of research carried out from September to December 2019, with partner organisations running narrative workshops around the country. We also included guidance on the potential impact of Covid-19 on climate change perceptions in Tunisia, based on our guide to communicating climate change during Covid-19 (in English only).

This project has already received extensive media coverage in Tunisia, including the following pieces in Arabic: Jamaity, AttounisiaYouth magazine and Hakaek online.

Along with local partners, we also applied this approach to Egypt and Mauritania, and have released a broader guide covering the three countries, with lessons for North Africa and the Levant region.

Tunisia narratives infographic – Arabic

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