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Welcoming Rachael Orr as our new CEO

By Camilla Born on December 7, 2022

Rachael Orr (right) at a Placeshapers event
Photo credit: Placeshapers

Our chair of trustees Camilla Born introduces Climate Outreach’s new CEO, Rachael Orr, who will be joining our team at the end of January. Rachael’s experience and passion for social change and evidence-based research will be key to leading our organisation as we work to create the biggest impact we can during this critical decade for climate action.

People everywhere today are living with a new reality of climate impacts and climate transition. We are in a critical decade where inaction risks exposing the world to unthinkable climate impacts. But there is a choice to be made, a choice that publics everywhere are turning toward. At Climate Outreach our mission is to build and foster this social mandate for climate action.

Today we introduce Rachael Orr, our new CEO who will lead us into our next phase. Rachael comes to us with a background grounded in social change and a commitment to independent, evidence-based research and analysis.

Rachael will join Climate Outreach’s Senior Management as CEO alongside Chief Research and Engagement Officer, Dr Amiera Sawas, and current acting Executive Director and Deputy CEO, Noora Firaq.

In her own words, Rachael said:

“I’m really thrilled to have been appointed as CEO of Climate Outreach. Climate change is the defining social issue of our time, and I have long been an admirer of the fantastic work that Climate Outreach do. I really believe that the biggest challenge, but also the greatest opportunity we now have in fighting climate change is in really ramping up public engagement. I can’t wait to get started working alongside all the hugely talented staff at Climate Outreach, and their partners and colleagues, to deliver this.”

As Chair of the Climate Outreach board I am privileged to see how every member of our fantastic team works to pursue our mission. From working with communities to understand and rewire the normative approach to climate communications, to reaching a broader diversity of people, and tapping into the evidence behind what drives behaviour change. From interrogating what ‘just transition’ means to identifying the messages and messaging that land with people across the political spectrum, and understanding how to communicate new climate realities and the latest climate science. And all this is supported by our growing Operations department who are enabling us to maximise our impact as we continue to grow from a small to a medium sized organisation.

I am excited for Climate Outreach’s next chapter during this critical decade. Welcome Rachael!

One response to Welcoming Rachael Orr as our new CEO

  1. Dorothy Orr says: says:

    Congratulations on your new post Rachael. I’m sure you will do wonderful thing with climate action. I would love hear hear all about what’s going on and if there are ways to link up with local community projects then it would be great to find out how we might get involved at Greener Peebles where I volunteer in the community garden. Wishing you and the whole team every success in delivering your message for a brighter greener future for everyone.

By Camilla Born

Camilla Born is a political strategist, policy advisor and activist specialising in climate diplomacy, security and risk. She is committed to finding solutions for wicked problems. Her work addresses climate change as a systemic risk to our cultures, societies, economies and political systems. She is currently on secondment to the UK Cabinet Office as Deputy Director of Strategy in the COP 26 team. Prior to this appointment she supported the UK’s leadership role on adaptation and resilience at the UK’s Department for International Development and was a Senior Policy Advisor at E3G. She is also a Senior Fellow with the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute (SIPRI) and the very proud Chair of Climate Outreach.

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