[teaserbox title=”Communicating Climate Change” button=”Find out more” link=”https://www.climateoutreach.org.uk/communicating-climate-change/” buttonsize=”large” buttoncolor=”alternative-1″ target=”_blank or _self”]Our work on climate change communication gathers the best research evidence  and trans­lates it into prac­tical guides. With a com­pre­hensive and fre­quently updated data­base of aca­demic papers, a reg­ular news­letter, and a blog fea­turing com­ment and ana­lysis from cli­mate change com­mu­nic­a­tion experts, it is the gateway which ensures aca­demics and prac­ti­tioners get the most from cli­mate change com­mu­nic­a­tion research.[/teaserbox]

[teaserbox title=”Community and personal action on climate change” button=”Find out more” link=”https://www.climateoutreach.org.uk/community-and-individual-action-on-climate-change/” buttonsize=”large” buttoncolor=”alternative-1″ target=”_blank or _self”]Our work on catalysing personal and community action on climate change recognises that there are psychological barriers to be overcome, as much as technical, political, social and financial ones. Working with a wide range of different audiences, we are always seeking ways to engage people who have not been mobilised.[/teaserbox]

[teaserbox title=”Climate Change Migration and displacement” button=”Find out more” link=”https://www.climateoutreach.org.uk/projects-2/climate-change-migration-and-displacement/” buttonsize=”large” buttoncolor=”alternative-1″ target=”_blank or _self”]Our work on climate change, migration and displacement explores the complex relationships between the climate change and the movement of people. We coordinate the UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition, a network of refugee, migration and human rights organisations who work together on these issues. We aim to protect and support people who are at risk of displacement linked to environmental change.[/teaserbox]