As part of our recent Young Voices report on how 18-25 year olds engage with climate change, we recorded our first ever podcast. Covering politics, sceptics, climate marches and revolution, it includes a number of illuminating comments on how campaigners could do a better job of connecting with this age group.

Image David Roessli – Creative Commons

One response to “Podcast: Young Voices Speak Out on Climate Change

  1. Brilliant, very interesting. Interesting that green is not cool. Space for a movement that avoids the disempowering feeling that lobbying politicians is the only way to deal with the problem and also avoids the equally disempowering feeling that persuading masses of individuals to change their behaviour is what is required?

    Let’s just get on with creating a new way of doing things, that uses less energy, more efficiently and generates it from renewable sources. I think it could be cool if the forgotten youth are precisely the people who bring about this momentus change, via new community-based start-ups, supported by the more experienced to help people develop the skills to run a business and be part of a world-changing movement at the same time. Would it be cool to be able to say you are part of something that big, and are running your own business?

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