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New from Climate Visuals: Panos Collection

For over 20 years the photographers at Panos Pictures have brought attention to global social issues in a sensitive manner that always places human stories at the forefront. Based in the UK, their photographers are all over the world. The images they produce appear everywhere, regularly win in international contests and they are the go-to visual agency for many organizations.

It is with this in mind that Climate Visuals is very excited to announce our partnership with Panos. The Panos Collection adds 99 images to the Climate Visuals library. It was an absolute pleasure to curate this collection and discover the depths that Panos members explore to bring us stories of climate change.

Alaskan displacees, renewable energy, methane emissions, extreme weather: the images in this collection support and add to the existing subjects in our library. As with all Climate Visuals imagery, the photographs are captioned to explain how and why they fit with the 7 core principles that underpin the Climate Visuals project.

Similar to our laif Collection, we’ve included two photo ‘series’ – to find out why we chose them, and how you can use them in your work, click through to the photo series part of the gallery.

Important Note: We know that supporting the photographic professions is one key step to producing better climate change imagery. All of these images can be licensed from Panos Pictures directly and the link is at the bottom of each image. If you wish to use one of these images or wish to speak to Panos about your visual communication challenge their reps will be happy to help.