In 2009, the Copenhagen climate conference was billed as “the last chance to ‘save the world’”. Six years on, politicians, campaigners and diplomats are gearing up once again for another go – this time in Paris, at the end of the year.

In a new essay, Climate Outreach’s Research Director Dr Adam Corner argues that Paris 2015 needs to be part of a much wider narrative joining the dots between climate change and people’s lives.

The essay is a contribution to “Bringing it home – making a global deal on climate change a reality”, published by the Fabian Society. The new pamphlet explores what the Paris negotiations mean and could achieve in the context of a changed political climate. Overall, it argues, Paris cannot be seen as a single event – but a critical staging point on a longer journey.

Climate Outreach’s contribution argues that climate change has been trapped in a box marked ‘environmentalism’. Moving it out means talking to more than the usual suspects and mobilising cultural imagination in new ways – like Climate Outreach’s ‘seven dimensions of climate change’ collaboration with the Royal Society of Arts. It means engaging with the centre right. And it means telling a consistent, coherent, story about climate impacts.


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