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Training and workshops for the non-profit and public sector

We can help you shape your climate communications to effectively reach your audiences and make a big impact.

We offer support for organisations of all budgets. For smaller organisations, we have a number of off-the-shelf packages to get you started on turning our expertise into action.

Choose one of four ways we can help your organisation talk climate:

Climate Communications 101. A 90-minute online workshop that’s an accessible and fun introduction to the essentials of great climate storytelling, backed up by the best social science research.

Talking Climate workshop An online or in-person workshop for seasoned communicators and novices alike, that’s already helped thousands of people navigate difficult conversations. Learn how to talk more honestly and openly about climate change.

Bespoke support with optional 1:1 advice clinic. Over our 20 years we’ve built up a wealth of research into how to frame everything from climate justice to carbon pricing, across a breadth of different audiences, political views and levels of concern about climate change.

Communications audit. We’ll assess your communications and advise you on what’s great and what could be improved. Think of it as a house survey, but for talking climate!

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