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New look, same pioneering work

By Léane de Laigue on October 21, 2015

As Europe’s leading climate communication experts, we like to focus on what we do but we know how important impressions are. As we’ve grown from a local advocacy organisation to an international recognised leader in the climate field, we’ve outgrown our old look and feel. So we’re proud to have a new identity, one that embodies our positive and constructive approach to solving the challenge of climate change – building on our extensive history of practical support.

What’s new, and why?

  • Refocused name! We now have a name that clearly speaks to what we’re about: reaching out to people and people reaching out to us to help find their climate voice. As we’ve evolved we’ve moved away from purely providing information to enabling conversations, and whilst we are part of wider networks we now very much have our own clear purpose. And let’s face it – our acronym did a poor job of expressing what we do (unless you’re familiar with us, those 4 letters either don’t mean much to you or you might think we’re a branch of the Royal Mint).
  • Refreshed logo! Our new logo illustrates our values, approach and goals much more effectively: it’s about people, and it’s about hope. The graphic represents a broad, diverse spectrum of society – we’re convinced we need everyone on board, not just environmentalists. We’ve also adopted a warm colour, highlighting that as a society we can make a difference and turn climate change into an opportunity for a better, more just world. We certainly won’t miss hearing “why are there sheep in your logo?” (it was actually pollution from a smokestack in case you’re wondering).
  • New website! We invite you to explore our new website, which we hope you’ll find more informative, engaging and user-friendly. We’ve also integrated the content from our ‘Talking Climate’ project (the gateway to research on climate change communication), which used to be a separate website – it makes more sense as we are all about bridging the gap between research and practice. It was also time for our domain name to reflect our international work so we’ve dropped the ‘.uk’. We’re still based in the UK but increasingly work around the world. We’ve spent a lot of time preparing this new website but there are bound to be some technical glitches – please bear with us and do let us know how we can make this site ever more useful to you.

To celebrate this new chapter in our organisation’s history, we’ve proud to present a new 5-minute video about who we are, what we do and why we do it – and which puts some faces to our new name!

As a charity with very little core funding, this entire refresh project was developed on a limited budget and with lots of volunteer input (thank you!) – we hope you’ll agree spending a lot of money isn’t necessary to launch a successful new logo and website.

We’re excited to be sharing these changes with you and would love to hear what you think.

Please do leave a comment below or email us at

Thank you for your support!

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One response to New look, same pioneering work

  1. kathryn cook says: says:

    love it, well done! as a comms professional I know how hard rebrands are. well done.

By Léane de Laigue (Maternity leave)

Léane leads on disseminating our insights and resources in a way that creates the biggest impact possible. She started her career as a Marketing Manager for Johnson & Johnson, before deciding to become a history teacher. She was asked to teach an Environmental Studies class without any previous experience in the subject, and learning and talking about climate change with her students completely changed her worldview. She has since dedicated herself to public engagement with climate change, working for the David Suzuki Foundation and now Climate Outreach.

Léane’s life has been evenly split between Canada, France, the UK and the US, with a bit of time in Hong Kong and Argentina. She is a native speaker of English and French, speaks Spanish and is currently learning Mandarin. She holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Management (Canada) and an MBA in Marketing (US) as well as undergraduate degrees in Education (Canada) and Humanities (France). In her spare time she can be found climbing mountains, kayaking, reading graphic novels and sometimes unicycling.

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