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New book: Stop Climate Crime – the Call of Civil Society. Migration and climate change

By Alex Randall on September 21, 2015

Alex Randall (UKCCMC/Climate Outreach) and François Gemenne (University of Versailles / SciencesPo) have authored a chapter for the new book

Crime climatique stop, L’appel de la société civile (Stop climate crime, A call from civil society).

In the chapter the authors explore how climate change is affecting some of the world’s most vulnerable people and forcing them from their homes. The chapter contains testimonies gathered by the Climate Change and Migration Coalition, which also featured in our Moving Stories publication.

Other chapter authors include Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and Vandana Shiva. The book is edited by and Attac France and published by Le Seuil (In French).

The Chapter opens: “In 2013 , natural disasters forced 22 million people to flee their homes. A number that exceeds the ‘political’ refugees in the legal sense of the term, those forced to leave their homes because of violence and persecution, and whose number stands at 16.9 million. This figure does not include those displaced by the more progressive impacts of climate change, the number of which is currently impossible to estimate.”

The book is available from the Attac France website – €20

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Reports & guides

Moving Stories: climate and migration

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2 responses to New book: Stop Climate Crime – the Call of Civil Society. Migration and climate change

  1. Hi Jake, at the moment there is unfortunately no translation. However, as you suggest, I will enquire about having one made and whether it could be distributed independently. In the mean time you could have a look at this. It’s by François and make some similar points to our joint chapter. It is also freely available online and in English.

  2. Jake Wilson says: says:

    Hi guys, I’m a proud owner of this book and and working my way through it. Is there any way Alex and François’ chapter could be made available to non-French readers? Could you reach an agreement with Éditions du Seuil / Attac to have a pamphlet or pdf produced?

By Alex Randall

Alex manages the Climate Change and Migration Coalition – an alliance that exists to challenge the lack of long-term strategies to support and protect people at risk of displacement linked to environmental change.

Before joining Climate Outreach, he worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology. He has also worked for the Public Interest Research Centre on their Values and Frames project. He co-founded Cheat Neutral, a spoof offsetting company, and UN Fair Play, an organisation that works with small island states at international climate change negotiations.

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