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Managing the psychological distance of climate change

By Climate Outreach on June 16, 2016

Climate change is a notoriously ‘distant’ risk for most people – it feels ‘not here’ and it feels ‘not now’. Anyone who has had any experience trying to engage the public on climate change will likely recognise the challenge of overcoming the so-called ‘psychological distance’ of the issue, and bringing climate change ‘closer to home’. There is a lot of research to support the idea that reducing the psychological distance of climate change is important, but this guide explains why it may not be as straightforward as focusing on ‘local’ rather than ‘global’ aspects of the issue.

Download the Guide

Watch Tim Isaksson and Adam Corner as they explore how to overcome the psychological distance that develops around climate change and move towards the “here and now”. This webinar examines the extensive research around the phenomenon and how it is not as simple as moving from “global” to “local”.

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