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Masterclass: Understanding Climate Change and Migration, 23 May

By Sophia Taouri on April 4, 2017

Please note this masterclass took place on 23 May 2017 – we hope to schedule more in the future!

The conflict in Syria and the refugee situation in Europe has left many asking about the connections between climate change and migration.

Members of the Jordanian battalion of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) carry children through flood waters after a rescue from an orphanage destroyed by hurricane "Ike". 7/Sep/2008. Port au Prince, Haiti

A great deal of media attention and speculation has focused on how climate change might alter migration in the future, and what this means for people, governments and civil society.

This interactive masterclass offers the chance to engage with this topic in depth and explore one of the most controversial and complex issues facing society. It will provide participants with a firm grounding in the latest evidence and policy on these issues.

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Anyone interested in the consequences of climate change and how they might alter patterns of migration
  • People working on issues such as human rights, migration and refugees, international development, climate change, disaster relief and preparedness
  • Anyone working on connected issues from government, academia and civil society
  • Anyone wanting to gain an understanding of the political, legal and economic solutions to climate-linked migration and displacement

What will participants learn?

The masterclass is based around a series of interactive sessions. These sessions encourage participants to actively engage with the issues and evidence, and to debate these with other participants. Themes that will be explored include:

Climate and migration

Explore the science of climate change and how altered weather patterns and disasters will change migration.

Migration and Displacement

Examine the kinds of migration that might result from climate change impacts. Look at where, when and how people might move.

War and Conflicts

Could a hotter planet lead to more conflict, and in turn more displacement? The course will look at the latest evidence.

Adaptation, Security or Resilience?

Controversies exist about what kind of response is required to this issue. The course encourages attendees to explore and debate these topics.

Case Studies and Examples

Several key case studies will illuminate the issue including the Syrian conflict, flooding in Pakistan, Typhoon Haiyan and the Pacific Islands.

Evidence and Data

Examine some of the latest scientific evidence and research and explore what this evidence shows us.

Law and Policy Response

Critically assess the latest legal and political responses to climate-linked migration. Explore when and how law and policy might need to change.

Testimonies and Stories

The course uses real testimonies gathered from across the world to help participants understand the experiences of people forced to move by climate impacts.


Tuesday 23 May, 11am – 4pm

Amnesty International UK Human Rights Action Centre

17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

Vegetarian lunch and refreshments included.

Payment Details

  • Large institutions, government and international agencies (turnover > £1Million) – £ 200.00
  • Medium sized organisations (turnover £250,000 – £1Million) – £ 150.00
  • Small charities and non-profits (turnover < £250,000), individuals – £ 100.00

Thanks to external funding we are able to offer several free places on this course. These places are for people and organisations that cannot afford the attendance fee, and who are working or volunteering with small / grassroots organisations focused on migration / refugee issues, human rights, climate change or any other related fields.

About Climate Outreach, the Climate and Migration Coalition and Alex Randall

Climate Outreach (formerly COIN) is Europe’s leading expert in climate change communication, bridging the gap between research and practice. Our charity is focused on building cross-societal acceptance of the need to tackle climate change. We have over 12 years of experience helping our partners find their climate voice – talking and thinking about climate change in ways that reflect their individual values, interests and ways of seeing the world. We work with a wide range of partners including central, regional and local governments, charities, business, faith organisations and youth groups.

The Climate and Migration Coalition is led by Climate Outreach. It exists to challenge the lack of long-term strategies to support and protect people at risk of displacement linked to environmental change. Our goal is to ensure a people centred policy response at the national and international level by building support for policies that allow people to strengthen their survival capacity through migration, and ensuring adequate assistance and protection for people displaced internally and cross border as a consequence of slow and sudden onset disasters.

Alex Randall is programme leader at the Climate and Migration Coalition and Climate Outreach. He started working on climate-linked migration in 2009 when he worked for the government of Kiribati (a Pacific Island state) at the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. He started working with the Climate and Migration Coalition in 2012. He is lead author of Moving Stories, an exploration of the experiences of people forced to move by climate change from across the world. His journalism includes articles on climate-linked migration for The Guardian, New Internationalist and Grist.

Picture: United Nations Photo – MINUSTAH Military Personnel Assists Hurricane Victims

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  1. Martin Deacy says: says: offer vegan option as well for food?

    • Alex Randall replied: says:

      Hello Martin – yes we do. When you register you’ll get an email asking about food and other arrangements. Simply reply to that email with any extra info about dietary requirements.

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