New from Climate Visuals: laif Collection

In the second of a series of collaborations with leading photographic agencies, we’re proud to announce a new collection of climate change imagery curated from the laif agency. Laif are based in Germany, but operate globally, and have a fantastic collection of images across a range of subjects and themes – including climate change.


By partnering with laif, we’ve been able to add around 100 new images – some individual photos, and some photo series – to expand the library of images accessible through Climate Visuals.


As with all Climate Visuals imagery, the photographs are captioned to explain how and why they fit with the 7 core principles that underpin the Climate Visuals project. From Abbots checking in on their renewable energy installation (offering a fresh sense of identity for a familiar topic), to scientists covering glaciers with blankets to prevent them from melting (providing a much-needed human-subject for otherwise people-free images of melting ice), the laif collection is a welcome addition to the Climate Visuals library.


Important Note: We’re striving to strike the right balance between free content for communicators and recognising the value of powerful climate photography. To license the images you must create an account with the applicable laif partner. This varies depending on your country. To access the laif site and get more information, click through to the laif website using the link on each image. If you have any problems licensing an image, please contact us and we will try to help out.

For the first time, we’ve included some photo ‘series’ – to find out why we chose them, and how you can use them in your work, click through to the photo series part of the gallery.  

Read the Climate Visuals research report

Image usage

The images on this site fall into two categories: Creative Commons (CC) images and copyrighted (©) images.

Creative Commons images are free to use and share under the specific terms of each image, which can be found by the original image on the respective site we link to.

Copyrighted images are there to help inform you in making the best decision when using climate change images. Please contact the photographer or copyright holder to license these images.