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A new chapter for Climate Outreach: Jamie Clarke moves on after a decade of leadership

By Camilla Born on June 29, 2022

Jamie Clarke in the first row, on the right, with (part of) the team he built

After nearly 10 years at the helm of Climate Outreach, our Executive Director Jamie Clarke has decided it’s the right time to step down and take on new challenges. Our entire team is incredibly grateful for Jamie’s inspirational leadership and we look forward to collaborating with him in future – we’re as dedicated as ever to continuing to drive public engagement with climate change. Our chairperson Camilla Born reflects on Jamie’s tenure, how much our organisation has grown in the past decade, and where we’re going.

The climate change landscape has changed immensely since Jamie Clarke took the helm of Climate Outreach almost a decade ago. Back then, the primary concern was tackling climate change ‘deniers’ who had polarised the climate change debate, stifling public engagement.  Today, in no small part thanks to Jamie’s leadership, the conversation has moved on and is firmly focused on navigating public engagement in our ongoing low carbon resilient transition, as well as the process of coming to terms with already locked-in climate change.

 Jamie grew the organisation from its foundations in local capacity-building in the UK, to a diverse, international organisation. We deliver cutting-edge evidence and capacity-building to people and organisations communicating about climate change. We are proud of our people-centred approach to research and engagement – working with people living in Canadian mining towns; people from all walks of life in the UK; or smallholder farmers in countries on the frontlines of climate impacts, like Egypt, Mauritania and Tunisia. Moving beyond the ‘green bubble’ has been central to all of our work. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding to people’s needs and perspectives, to help champion narratives and approaches that unify rather than divide. 

 But there are headwinds to contend with. As we move into our next chapter, our work on overcoming political polarisation on climate is more important than ever. There is a risk people feel disenfranchised by the vision of our net zero future.  And it is in this context we are committed to providing evidence to civil society, governments and businesses to support their engagement with people on climate change. Effective engagement means ensuring different people – regardless of their values or identity – feel heard in the climate transition. It’s important people know how to take the action that makes sense in their lives and their work, and that they hold decision-makers to account in achieving a fair transition to a 1.5 degree world.

 We are very grateful to Jamie for the organisation he leaves behind, one that is ready to take on the challenges the future will present. As Jamie steps down, we’re very grateful to welcome Director of Operations Noora Firaq as Interim Executive Director, and are in the process of recruiting a new Executive Director. Here’s to a new chapter for Climate Outreach – and thank you Jamie from the entire team!

You can follow Jamie and Noora on twitter and – and if you’d like to get in contact with Noora, do contact her via or Linkedin profile.

2 responses to A new chapter for Climate Outreach: Jamie Clarke moves on after a decade of leadership

  1. Ursula Clarke says: says:

    This was very touching hearing all this about my dad

By Camilla Born

Camilla Born is a political strategist, policy advisor and activist specialising in climate diplomacy, security and risk. She is committed to finding solutions for wicked problems. Her work addresses climate change as a systemic risk to our cultures, societies, economies and political systems. She is currently on secondment to the UK Cabinet Office as Deputy Director of Strategy in the COP 26 team. Prior to this appointment she supported the UK’s leadership role on adaptation and resilience at the UK’s Department for International Development and was a Senior Policy Advisor at E3G. She is also a Senior Fellow with the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute (SIPRI) and the very proud Chair of Climate Outreach.

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