We’re ALL running: fit/unfit, younger/older -  staff and interns alike - from Climate Outreach’s Oxford office. The seven of us (some pictured here) will be running in the 5km Oxford Rotary Club Fun Run on 6th May in aid of the organisation we care passionate about. We would be thrilled if you would support our efforts!


Who supports us? People who care.

As a charity, we rely on your donations to support our groundbreaking work building an effective consensus on climate change - one that holds politicians and policy makers to account and obliges them to act no matter what their political orientation.

We aim to break out of the ‘green ghetto’ and bring everyone on board - from farm to factory, from community centre to council chamber, from boardrooms to banks and benefit claimants  - people of faith, people in trades unions, young people, seniors. We believe everyone has a right to know about the challenges of climate change and be consulted in the solutions.

We are social scientists, educators, campaigners and people who care about the quality life on earth for everyone. Our unique approach enables us to find out what matters to people and show them how climate change is something they can act on.

Now more than ever we need your support to keep climate change on the agenda.

Fundraising Promise

We strive to make sure every donation has the greatest impact in tackling climate change. We especially welcome gifts that are made unconditionally because this allows us to direct gifts to the areas of greatest need.


Image: Bicycle Rush Hour Copenhagen. Mikael Colville-Andersen / Copenhagenize Design Co. From Flickr. (CC BY-NC 2.0)