Telling new visual stories at COP 22

At COP22 in Marrakech we are launching a new Climate Visuals resources. It is titled ‘Towards a new visual language for climate change: An evidence-based Briefing for COP22 and beyond‘, and this image gallery accompanies the Briefing. All the images in the Briefing are linked to their original source for download here, plus examples of good (and bad!) images from COP22 as the conference progresses.

The briefing was informed by a set of interviews with influential voices in visual climate change communication. We mapped the key themes emerging from the interviews against the Climate Visuals research base and carried out a rapid review of the dominant visual themes from COP21 in Paris, providing a comparison point for assessing visual imagery around COP22.

This Briefing has two aims. The first is to provide concrete, tangible and practical suggestions for how to tell more compelling visual stories on climate change at COP 22 and beyond. The second is to begin a dialogue among the different perspectives that comprise the visual climate change ‘community’.

If you come across images from COP22 that you think we should be including in our gallery – good or bad – let us know. We want to use the insights and expertise of climate campaigners, communicators, researchers, photographers and journalists to work towards a new – more diverse, compelling, and powerful – visual language for climate change.

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Read the Climate Visuals research report

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