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Climate Action Retreat

By Chris Shaw on January 18, 2018

In partnership with a number of organisations (logos below) and as part of the CliMates project, we held a Climate Action Retreat in April 2018 in Austria with a group of international young people (aged 18-29).

The purpose of the project is to co-create new climate change communication strategies. The project will lead to new climate change communication media formats, to be launched by the end of 2018.

Below is a poster produced following the retreat, for Austrian Climate Day.

About the Climate Action Retreat (Austria, April 2018)

During the retreat the participants learned more about how to communicate about climate change in a creative, stimulating, exciting manner.

Together with other young people engaged in climate change and supported by multi-media professionals and scientists they designed new climate media formats to be shared with the community as creative commons.

With this retreat we aimed to apply creative, interactive, out-of- the-box methods to open up new horizons for climate change communication.

The retreat was facilitated by international NGOs and scientists: Climate Outreach, ONCA/art & environment-NGO, Climate Media Factory, the Austrian Youth environment platform and scientists from the University of Brighton, the Austrian Environmental Agency, the University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna.

The framework program provided enough time for nature experience, reflection and exchange with other participants (through sunrise hikes, evening yoga etc.) to refresh and nurture participant’s creative potential, so that they left the retreat with loads of new ideas, impressions and a new network for future actions.

During the retreat participants generated new ways of communicating climate change and new tools to share with the community. They worked with a range of campaigners, researchers and people who are new to the movement. This international retreat brought people from different countries at different stages of their environmental journey together to share and reflect on challenges.

Learn more: & also see our Young Voices report.

4 responses to Climate Action Retreat

  1. Daisy Duncan-Cottingham says: says:

    As someone who has been (and currently is) involved in projects based on sustainable development and issues concerning environmental awareness; I am very much interested in taking part in a retreat that aims to engage others in doing so. I am currently volunteering with a project in my local area focusing on engaging local youth in environmental awareness and why issues such as conserving local wildlife are important. I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with and learn from others with similar interests and focuses. Should I be given the opportunity to take part in this retreat I would love to develop new ideas on how to start/improve new campaigns with projects back home.

  2. Mubaiwa Tanyaradzwa Eunicah says: says:

    I strongly believe that education on taking climate action is a great initiative towards tacking absolute poverty and development in Africa.

  3. Talent Musharu says: says:

    I am a young lady aged 23 and lm studying Peace,Conflict and Governance under Great Zimbabwe University. I am currently on attachment at Zimbabwe United Nations. This initiative is very good for the Youths especially in Africa where there is so much pollution of water, air and environment. As a Peace initiative Student l appreciate such initiatives so much.

By Dr Christopher Shaw

Chris was part of Climate Outreach’s research team from 2015 – 2023. In that role, he focused on ensuring climate communication practice is informed by a robust and up-to-date evidence base, combining new research with the existing literature to provide communicators with accessible resources to support their work. Chris’s work was driven by a belief that successful climate policies are ones that are shaped by the voices, concerns and aspirations of the people who live their lives outside of the policy and campaigning bubble. Chris completed his doctoral thesis as a mature student in 2011 at the University of Sussex, on the communication of climate risk, a theme he continues to publish on. 

In his previous lives Chris worked as a Geography teacher and then in marketing, always with the ultimate aim of learning how to engage people with climate change risks. Between completing his doctoral studies and starting work at Climate Outreach, Chris held research posts at the University of Sussex and the University of Oxford. Outside of office hours Chris can normally be found either smashing his tennis racket on the ground in frustration at yet another defeat, or wandering aimlessly on the South Downs and blaming inaccurate Ordnance Survey maps for being lost.

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